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  • Learn more about our Committees for 2017!  We are always looking for enthusiastic and talented volunteers to lend a hand to help make our Chamber and our community a better place.  Please contact us at info@newportareachamber.com or stop by our office if you are interested in volunteering or learning more.


    Nominating Committee

    Chair – Open

    Objective and Role:

    Finding qualified team members for the Board of Directors can be an intensive process. This process is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee. The committee consists of a chair and members, working together to find suitable candidate(s) for open board positions and assisting the chosen candidate with the transition of becoming a new board member.

    Some basic qualities that the Nominating Committee considers in potential board member(s) may include a candidate’s:

    • Overall interest and enthusiasm in serving on the board;
    • Level of integrity;
    • Team work skills;
    • Educational and work experience;
    • Ability to think and plan for the future;
    • Time availability/constraints;
    • Ability to support fundraising, and
    • Ability to influence others.

    The committee analyzes the qualities and skill sets of the current board members and considers how the prospective candidate and current board members will work together. The committee also considers how the prospective candidate will influence the existing board dynamics, as well as, how the prospective candidate will fit with the organization, both in its current state and in the future.

    When a suitable candidate is nominated for the board, the Nominating Committee will initiate discussions with that person to gauge their interest and provide answers to any questions. For this reason, the Nominating Committee provides candidates with a Board Member’s Responsibilities’ Statement asking them to read it in order to clearly understand the duties that go along with being a board member. The prospective candidate will then sign the Board Member’s Responsibilities’ Statement and return it, along with a Letter of Interest, to the Nominating Committee.

    The Nominating Committee will then review each candidate and make their recommendation to the board.


    Finance & Review Committee

    Chair:  Nicole Cardin

    • Randy Pymm
    • Glennis Stott

    Objective: To review the Chamber’s financial status, budget and procedures and to report to the Board quarterly, and the members annually, on the financial status of the Chamber.


    Governance Committee

    Chair:  Open

    Objective and Role:

    The purpose of the governance committee is to assist the Board by:

    • Keeping the Board informed of current best practices in corporate governance;
    • Reviewing corporate governance trends for their applicability to the Chamber;
    • Updating the Chamber’s corporate governance principles and governance practices; and
    • Advising those responsible for appointing directors to the Board on the skills, qualities and professional or educational experiences necessary to be effective Board members.

    Responsibilities of the Governance Committee:

    • Develop the Chamber’s governance practices.  These practices should address transparency, independence, accountability, fiduciary responsibilities, and management oversight.
    • Develop competencies and personal attributes required of Directors to assist those authorized to appoint members of the Board in identifying qualified individuals.
    • Develop and provide recommendations to the Board regarding Board member education, including new member orientation and regularly scheduled board member training.
    • Develop and recommend to the Board any other policies or documents relating to the governance of the Chamber, including rules and procedures for conducting the business of the Chamber, such as the by-laws.  The governance committee will oversee the implementation and effectiveness of the by-laws and other governance documents and recommend modifications as needed.


    Government Affairs Committee

    Chair:  Open

    Objective and Role:

    The goal of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to advise the Chamber members of governmental activity that may affect them, to educate them about upcoming legislation or changes to the local laws that would have an impact on them and to encourage their participation in local government for meaningful communication between local business and their governmental entities.  In addition, the Committee works with members to identify legislative policy (representative of the interests of members) that will guide what future legislation the Committee and the Board may advocate for or against.


    Member Services Committee

    Chair – Open


    To retain current membership, recruit new members, develop and make member benefits meaningful, known and available to all who are interested.  To develop and administer surveys in order to listen, create partnerships, and encourage interaction with the members on business matters that are of importance to them and the community as a whole.


    Website Committee

    Chair: Steve Shumski

    • Glennis Stott
    • Randy Pymm


               To keep website current and content updated on a regular basis. Make sure all membership information is up to date along with tracking of information as needed. Make sure all e-blast to members are being put on website per their membership level. Deliver web report to the Chair of the committee to bring to the board meetings.


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