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  • Fiber to the Premise

    The possibilities are endless, bring the world to your doorstep, now easier then ever! Fiber gives our citizens the power of high-speed communication in ways we have only dreamed - imagine downloads, gaming, offsite communication and video streaming at your fingertips. How can your residence, business, or public entity benefit from connecting to such a network? Here are just a few examples of what fiber can do for you:

    • Facilitate Internet and Worldwide Web highspeed access
    • Exchange data at extreme speeds
    • Maximize revenues
    • Reduce costs
    • Stay responsive to markets
    • Increase reliability of products/services
    • Improve offsite communications
    • Broaden customer contacts
    • Enable high-speed web site presence
    • Future technology capability
    • Stay in touch with love ones via video chat
    • Home entertainment
    • At-Home education possibilities – Distance Learning

    Retail Service Providers

    The success of the District’s broadband infrastructure can only occur with the important alliances that have been established with our/your Retail Service Providers.  The Washington State legislators facilitated PUD’s telecommunication infrastructure capacity sharing but strictly in a wholesale role.  The Retail Service Providers are the link to the consumer.  The District has agreements with the following Retail Service Providers.  Please contact them for your bandwidth needs. 




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